Special Therapeutic Meditation Classes

The aim of Holistic Healing Meditation is to bring perfect health to all human beings and to make all those suffering, due to ignorance and lack of information, aware of the positive benefits of Spiritual Science. A complete cure for ‘incurable’ diseases like cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, asthma, arthritis etc. Is definitely possible. People need not spend a single penny because the ability to cure themselves is present within them. This is possible due to the divine and supramental (supernatural) force present within everybody, which is an unlimited source of immunity from all ailments troubling humanity. This supramental force can be activated by awakening the 'Mother Power': KUNDALINI.

Developing your skills as a meditation teacher allows you to diversify your offerings as a skilled holistic teacher while providing your students with a rich, meaningful sense of life content, thus expanding your career opportunities. Mediation is a spiritual practice that connects us with our true spiritual practice and frees us from the mind's constant suffering. A practice that frees us from the illusion of (I) or mine. It brings us to the reality of life; it brings us to pure peace and purity; it gives us the strength to see things as they are; it enlightens us that true essence cannot be found in duality, and it encourages us that permanence must be found in impermanence.

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