The Science of Crystal Healing

The function of Crystals is to transform and amplify various types of energy into biological energy that rebalances and re-energizes our biological system on the cellular level, as well as on our emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The biological transfer of energy theory is based on the belief that the body is a series of synchronous, oscillating, solid and liquid crystal systems to which crystal healing techniques are able to transfer energy directly, as from one crystal to another.

On the emotional and mental level, crystals (linked with our own thought forms) have the ability to amplify energy so that our emotional and mental states are harmonized and stored negative thought forms are released. Crystal Healers uses the analogy of a computer mind, which can be cleared of non-functional programs and reprogrammed by creating a strong new thought form. The strength of crystals in this process is that when they are appropriately linked with the mind, they amplify emotional and thought form energy in a way that has the power to easily create new and healthy mental and emotional programs. The crystals amplify our ability to visualize and are a major way or type of language that can communicate with and redesign our mind like a computer.

Course & Classes

Identify the therapeutic value of each Crystal, its care and cleansing techniques, how to identify and attune Master crystals and power stones. Use of Laser Wands in Psychic Surgery and how to make a Crystal Energy Grid.

Crystals are natural healing tools that can be used by health practitioners to accelerate and supplement their own methods. As the human body is a series of energy systems, crystals can be used for adjusting and balancing these.

Crystal Healing Tools

Crystals in Charged and Pure Forms are available at the centre:

  • Crystal Healing Grid
  • Crystal Stick
  • Crystal Ball
  • Crystal Pendulum
  • Crystal Pyramid
  • Crystal Mala
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