Holistic Healing Therapies

A therapy session with Ushaji is a personal and special experience because she works intuitively with her connection to her guides and the universal energy. With all her diverse knowledge, skills and experience she is able to create the perfect, natural and holistic balance of healing needed by the client. From crystals with Reiki to tarot, Ushaji is able to find the root and heal outwards from there. She has been working with her guides and masters for many years and is in constant contact with them during healings. Healing occurs on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – promoting a healthier way of living whilst allowing the client to maintain control of their own health and happiness. Ushaji has created the ultimate healing room filled with beautiful energies from crystals, statues and Reiki. The treatment starts as soon as you step into the room and come into her presence.

By receiving treatment from Ushaji you are giving your soul the most incredible gift !!!   contact us by email or WhatsApp for an appointment: buddhaahallinfo@gmail.com,  WhatsApp No- +917876389127