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Empowering Environment 
We provide a nurturing, accepting and comfortable environment to all individuals as we believe it to be integral to the exploration of self, spirituality and holistic health. We offer compassionate support and guidance to empower the individual on their journey and help them attain their personal goals. 
Inclusive Teaching
We believe in the higher power and the higher wisdom of the universe which transcends religion or any other human philosophy. We are inclusive and patient in our teaching style. We respect and promote individuality, by honouring everyone’s beliefs yet encouraging to learn from each other and keep on open mind when discovering what the universe has to offer. 
Individual Growth
We ourselves practice the philosophy that a good healer and wellness practitioner must also continuously grow and learn. For this reason, we take the overall growth and healing of all individuals seriously. We value even small achievements and believe in positive reinforcement. Also, as well as providing an in-depth theoretical and practical experience as part of the program, we simultaneously expose students to the Indian culture offering them a chance to explore and learn more about it.
Community Work
We value our local community and strongly believe in supporting those who are disadvantaged. Therefore, we work closely with various organizations to offer volunteering opportunities. For our students, we offer opportunities to volunteer as holistic healers, doctors, counsellors, teachers, social workers, and wellness practitioners to facilitate transformation in groups of people that otherwise cannot afford help and counselling. 
Global Community
We aim to continue growing Buddha Hall in the name of creating a global community of holistic healers and wellness practitioners in the areas of energy work, yogic practices and teaching. to Love, support and hard work of our students and teachers made Buddha Hall into a household name., In return, by valuing and developing every individual that comes into contact with Buddha Hall we want to grow into an even bigger and more passionate community. Our vision is to create change through sustainability, shared learning and community engagement to make this world a better place for the future generations to come.
Our aim is to expand Buddha Hall further by opening more associated holistic healing centres, and yoga and meditation centres in collaboration with our associates all around the world, who share our core values, our mission and our goal to further advance the holistic discipline.
Setting Standards
As a globally recognized institute, we want to promote the highest standards in teaching and learning practices. Our programs incorporate a solid theoretical foundation based on years of research as well as personal practice. We aim to integrate various modalities in order to encourage a higher depth of understanding. Our goal is to create knowledgeable and well-rounded teachers and healers that can help us set higher standards in holistic healing and teaching amongst the global wellness community.

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" Hello Usha, First of all thank you very much for the reiki courses. I feel that I've learned a lot from you. After every session I felt really "

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