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Usha Dobhal Reiki Grand Master

Usha Dobhal is a legendary spiritual teacher and a healer who serves as an ambassador of our soul bodies to the supreme powers of this Universe. Usha is at the forefront of the intellectual revolution to promote 'Yin Empower ..

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THE HYPNOTHERAPY SCHOOL OF INDIA reaches out with this objective to be able to create an awareness that YOU ARE WHOLE AND COMPLETE and everything that you need lies deep within yourself and all you have to do is go within you ..

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London & Travelling Circle Anamarta I get my inspiration in the Mother Earth, in her essence and infinite resources, from the sea to the mountains, from the moon to the sun; in my beloved partner Kris; in my travell ..

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Nitikaa Kaur Manchanda

Nitikaa Kaur Manchanda Reiki Master & Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner About Nitikaa Her quest for truth, inner peace and spiritual healing has taken her to the Himalayas - Buddha Hall to study Reiki, to Uttarakhan ..

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Teachers & Healers

"  I am eternally grateful for Buddha Hall and Usha. Usha's presence is overwhelmingly calming and she teaches with such grace, sincere dedication,  "

Danielle Oakes
United States
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