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What’s sets Buddha Hall apart from other institutes?
Who are your courses for?
What is the role of a holistic health practitioner?
I am interested in becoming a Buddha Hall’s certified teacher? Where do I start?
Certification is provided on completion of all courses. For a teaching certification a teacher training course must be successfully completed. Certification provided is internationally accredited.
Which organization provides accreditation foryour courses and teacher trainings?
Am I able to practice or teachin my country with theaccreditationreceived at Buddha Hall?
What are the prerequisites for undertaking a teacher training course?
Are the days off included in the program?
What are the usual teaching times of the program?
How much free time will I have during the program? 
What are the usual class sizes?
Do I get support once I have completed a course with Buddha Hall?
Do you provide internships and volunteering opportunities? 
We do provide internships and volunteering opportunities depending upon availability of open positions.For more information about the availability of these opportunities please contact us.
Do you provide accommodation? 
Apart from the residential courses where accommodation is included, accommodation for students on non-residential courses is available on request. Please note that it’s subject to availability and pre-booking at least one month in advance.
Do you provide food?
How do I get register for the upcoming courses?
You can register for our upcoming courses under the —————- section. All our available courses along with dates and charges are regularly updated in the ————— section. For further information or clarification you may call us or send a written enquiry.
What are the ways in which I can pay for my course?
When do I need to pay the deposit by?
What if I want to change the date of my course?
What if I want to cancel my course? 
What if I decide that the course isn’t for me once the course starts?

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