best reiki teacher in Dharamsala
A divine link between one’s spiritual conscience and that of the supreme spiritual soul of the universe.

Best Reiki Teacher in Dharamsala - One month intensive certified Reiki teacher training in Dharamsala, India. For those looking to master the secrets and teachings of Reiki. We offer certified intensive one month Reiki teacher training in Dharamsala, India.

"A divine link between one’s spiritual conscience and that of the supreme spiritual soul of the universe. A link which through compassion and light heals oneself and also helps that soul to heal others".

Usha Dobhal (Reiki Master)

Usha Dobhal is an evolved spiritual Teacher and a Healer; she has created powerful practices for woman’s (Yin Empowerment) to blossom their creative and loving energy. She conducts many interesting workshops across India and many countries across the world on the subject of Healing and self empowerment, She is a Co-Director and a Founder of the Buddha hall holistic healing & teaching center Dharamsala India.

She is a unique combination of eastern spiritual wisdom, western therapeutic knowledge, she completed her post graduation in alternative meditation and naturopath, and energetic mastery. Many Masters initiated her into spirituality & holistic healing & teaching, she also learns ancient Vedic healing from her father-in-law, a well-known spiritual writer. she is a leading teacher of Traditional Usui Reiki training, Ancient Vedic Healing, Self empowerment program, Crystal Healing, Chakra Healing, Tarot & Numerology Reading, Meditation, yoga, she is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist–past life therapist and counsellor, Usha shares teachings to uplift and empower others to empower their lives as she has her own. Teaching from personal life experience, Usha guides people in awakening and living from the highest potential inherent within them. Through personal session, group teachings in seminars, retreats, tours and all of her work.

Pankaj Seth

Pankaj Seth is my most memorable yoga teacher. He offers simple, direct and effective yoga instruction which suited me perfectly. Pankaj stands out from other teachers through his no-frills approach to yoga, and his personability. I believe that there is no place for ego in yoga, and that is what makes Pankaj such a wonderful teacher. He keeps it simple, effective and most of all, makes it about his students.

From the moment you enter his class you know that you are there to work, and that he is going to help you along the entire way. Pankaj is different from other yoga teachers I’ve experienced because he helps students to push themselves mentally. By helping you reach what you think is your physical limit, you are then open to the opportunity to push yourself even further. That is what I found so unique with Pankaj’s class, and what assisted me in improving as much as I have since practicing with him. After one month of classes with Pankaj, I was able to do the scorpion pose – a difficult hatha pose that I would never have dreamt of being able to achieve. Pankaj Seth also gave me a personalised practice when I left him - which I could practice to further my yoga in his absence. To this day, I am using this routine. Pankaj is a dedicated and amiable yoga teacher who’s brimming with potential. He is, and would be, an asset to each and every one of his students.


London & Travelling Circle Anamarta I get my inspiration in the Mother Earth, in her essence and infinite resources, from the sea to the mountains, from the moon to the sun; in my beloved partner Kris; in my travelling around the world and in beautiful people and teachers. The Taoist Practices guided me to continuing evolution and in my journey share this gratitude with others and help the ones in need.

At an early age Anamarta became aware of the subtle energies and her own ability to commune with Spirit. Her grandmother initiated her into the family lineage of esoteric practitioners. Anamarta's own explorations led to darshan with the Dalai Lama, receiving the Tibetan Tantric teachings, a connection with the Indian spiritual teacher Dr Usha Sharma at her home in the Himalayas, and witnessing last rites in Varanasi. Exploration of the tantric path led to a meeting with Kris Deva North and formal Taoist and Shamanic initiation. She dedicated herself to the Tao and trained with Grandmaster Mantak Chia. With a natural ability to teach, Anamarta qualified as a Taoist Trainer of the London Universal Healing Tao Centre, and developed the Kuan Yin Chi Kung and Jade Circle practices that she now shares with women around the world. Anamarta lives what she teaches, exploring, deepening and integrating the essence of a personal practice that includes Crystal Healing, Chi Kung and Tai Chi, Yoga and Belly Dancing; and since connecting with a Kahuna in Hawaii, the sacred rituals of the Hula. In India where she spends part of each year learning and teaching, Anamarta immerses herself in the culture of the Khalbelia Gypsy tribe of snake charmers and their Sapera ' Gypsy' Dance in the desert of Rajsthan.

Aparna Sharma - (Reiki Healer in Chandigarh)

Aparna Sharma has been part of many worlds and she has seen it all in corporate and teaching arenas. She gets her inspiration from life and people, reading has been her passion and she strongly believes what happens , happens for the best and this acceptance can make life simple. She was always interested in healing and has been initiated by Reiki Master a decade ago, she had been practicising it on herself.

Love for travelling and search for healing techniques for self and others made her meet Dr.Usha and that changed the course of her life. Dr.Usha is highly inspiring personality and helped her bring out her healing capabilities to help others. Meditation and healing therapy and teaching healing have become driving forces of her life now. Now healing others is not just part of her life it is her whole life. When people that come to her for healing therapies like Reiki and Sujok they tell her the improvment they feel in pain levels she thanks the Universe and Almighty for introducing her to world of healing and to help her feel at peace with herself. She provides healing therapies to people at her place as well as visits them incase they are unable to come to her. She has started teaching Reiki as well.Her motto in life is heal yourself and then you are in a better position to heal others whole heartedly. She practices in Chandigarh and can be called at 08146269966 and 09814712810.