Buddha Hall is a holistic healing,yoga, meditation and wellness institute providing bespoke certified training and courses in a diverse range of healing modalities. With over 20 years of experience we are able to offer truly authentic energy healing and certified teaching programs integrating years of learning, research and personal practice. In 1997, Usha Dobhal founded Buddha Hall on a principle of providing safe, nurturing and comfortable environment for spiritual seekers on the journey to heal, learn,grow and cultivate their gifts. Ushaji wanted to bring together spirituality, philosophy, science and psychology to create a truly holistic and integrated approach to healing. 
Based on the same principle of inclusiveness and universal wellbeing Ushaji opened up many other sister branches of Buddha Hall in India (Rishikesh, Delhi, Nanital, Benglore) and overseas, with collaboration and support of her students and therapists, who haveprofessionallyworked with over the years. She regularly travels around the world to provide workshops, teacher trainings and to facilitate healing with unwavering compassion and devotion to help those in need.
The aim of Buddha Hall as an institute as always been simple yet profound. First,we focus on the spiritual journey of the individual by creating space for self-empowerment, physical and mental healing, authentic creativity and spiritual development. Secondly, we use an integrative and person centered approach to cultivate the individuals’ abilities as a healer and wellness practitioner. Lastly, we are creating a global and compassionate community of well-trained certified healers and wellness practitioners to assist others on their journey, while spreading awareness around the power of the holistic practices. We aim for the name of Buddha Hall to be synonymous with positive thinking, happiness, good health and love.Having truly embodied these principles Buddha Hall was able to grow into an internationally recognized household name in the holistic wellness community.
Buddha Hall is situated in Bhagsu nag amongst the beautiful Himalayan Mountains. Also, it is only1km away from Mcleod Ganj which is the seat of the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, His holiness - The 14th Dalai Lama. Natural beauty, tranquility and pleasant weather of the area makes it a popular tourist location. With visitors from all over the world it’s a perfect place to engross oneself into local and global cultures.
What does Buddha Hall offer?
Buddha Hall provides both residential and non-residential accredited courses and teacher training programs in a diverse range of holistic disciplines. These include but are not limited to Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Siddha Energy Healing, Holistic Counselling, Yin Empowerment Programs, Energy Work, Crystal Healing, Tarot Reading, Chakra Balancing and other alternative healing practices. We also conduct private holistic healing sessions, workshops and facilitate holistic wellness retreats in all our centers in India and overseas.
We place a high value on creating safe and comfortable atmosphere for all students and residents. We cultivate a warm and nurturing environment where spiritual seekers from different walks of life can connect and grow together through shared learning and experiences. Sharing with others in this way is designed to facilitate deep personal realizations and help you heal and move along on your spiritual journey. 
Every course offered at Buddha Hall is person centered and is designed to compliment the individuals own spiritual journey while working in a group of like-minded individuals. Our skilled experts guide you through your individual practice and equip you with skills to teach and share your learning with others on the same path. Buddha Hall encourages you to become a holistic facilitator yourself equipping you with the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills to become a messengerof compassion, love and peace. 
We offer opportunities to international students to come join one of our internships. We have worked with various universities from around the world. During the internship students immerse themselves in the world of holistic healing and wellbeing. Internships are focused around the individual learning, practice and support with teaching. 
Buddha Hall also provides cultural art workshops depending on the availability of teachers. These workshops and programs may include intuitive painting workshops, calligraphy classes, dance classes and classical music concerts.
We are currently in the process of opening up a scholarship program for students who areunable to support themselves financially in return for a skill exchange. Our aim is to provide an opportunity to learn to the individuals who are truly dedicated to their spiritual growth and with a keen interest in developing as holistic healers and wellness practitioners.
Also, Buddha Hall is a learning and training platform for holistic teachers, energy healers, yogic practitioners and therapists from all around the world for sharing their wisdom, knowledge and spiritual experiences with Buddha Hall students and other seekers. We often invite great teachers from all walks of life to support us with our mission.

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