Teacher Details

Teacher Details

It,s being said that a spiritual teacher like is a soul guardian before god

Aparna Sharma - (Reiki Healer in Chandigarh)

Aparna Sharma has been part of many worlds and she has seen it all in corporate and teaching arenas. She gets her inspiration from life and people, reading has been her passion and she strongly believes what happens , happens for the best and this acceptance can make life simple. She was always interested in healing and has been initiated by Reiki Master a decade ago, she had been practicising it on herself. Love for travelling and search for healing techniques for self and others made her meet Dr.Usha and that changed the course of her life. Dr.Usha is highly inspiring personality and helped her bring out her healing capabilities to help others. Meditation and healing therapy and teaching healing have become driving forces of her life now. Now healing others is not just part of her life it is her whole life. When people that come to her for healing therapies like Reiki and Sujok they tell her the improvment they feel in pain levels she thanks the Universe and Almighty for introducing her to world of healing and to help her feel at peace with herself. She provides healing therapies to people at her place as well as visits them incase they are unable to come to her. She has started teaching Reiki as well.Her motto in life is heal yourself and then you are in a better position to heal others whole heartedly. She practices in Chandigarh and can be called at 08146269966 and 09814712810.

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"  I am eternally grateful for Buddha Hall and Usha. Usha's presence is overwhelmingly calming and she teaches with such grace, sincere dedication,  "

Danielle Oakes
United States
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