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Dharamsala, India

One Month Certified Reiki Master Teacher Level "A" & Holistic Healer Training (RMTT)

21 days intensive learning + (7 days’ internship optional)


Combined Intensive Reiki I, II and Reiki Master Healer &Teacher Training Level 'A'

Residential* Program in Dharamshala, India

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Deepen your knowledge of Reiki and of yourself in a program designed to meet your specific goals as a Reiki healer and teacher. This course (21 days) and internship (7 days) will expose you to the Vedic and Tantric Buddhist lineage of Reiki, provide ample opportunities to practice teaching and deepen your understanding of personal practice. You will learn Reiki at all levels and many other energy healing works, including a sacred morning self-initiation practice along with a 21-day psychic cleansing ritual. You will receive a Master Teacher initiation from a renowned spiritual teacher and healer Usha Dobhal and her team.

As a resident at Buddha Hall, you gain exposure to new healing techniques and receive guidance in developing your own style. The program includes morning classes, structured evening projects, and mentoring alongside daily meditations and optional yoga classes. We run free community clinics at the weekend. Since truly unique individuals are called to become Reiki Master Teachers, we believe our biggest assets are the students we attract. As such, you will learn from fellow students too and gain teaching experience through skill-shares. The Buddha Hall team includes yoga teachers, dance teachers, musicians, nutritionists, etc. This built-in network also gives you limitless opportunities to practice healing techniques.


One Month Reiki TTC Highlights:


Usui Reiki Level 1 (Intensive 2-day training)

Introduction to Reiki, how Reiki works, self-healing practice, initiation, and meditation. The course is a combination of lectures, discussion, and practical experience.

Usui Reiki Level 2 (Intensive 2-day training)

The 2nd level involves intensive healing and learning. You learn three powerful divine symbols through which you can create instant energy, learn about healing illness and disease, emotional and mental problems, distance healing, and how to release and protect yourself from all negative thoughts.


Usui Reiki Master Healer Course Level “3 A” 

The 3rd level course involves supreme powerful healing procedures, and the development of mental and spiritual powers, through which you can establish yourself as a powerful Master Reiki Healer. This course teaches specific ways to treat various ailments and is for those who seek to work with Reiki in a more clinical manner.


Usui Reiki Master and Teacher Level “3 B”

At this level, you will learn the Master Teachings from a teacher-initiated by 11 Masters. This includes relearning of Reiki Level I, II & III courses, practice teaching and Attunements for Level I & II Classes, review of Reiki Level I, II & III Curriculum, and daily mentoring & counselling.


Internship (Optional): Practice as a Teacher & Healer

During this extra week you will have opportunities to further develop yourself as a teacher and healer, practicing, teaching Level I and II group, gaining experience of undertaking initiations and giving attunements, finalising your own teaching manual, advice on setting up your business as a healer and networking, and receiving feedback/ clarifications/ guidance.

Throughout the program, you will receive daily assignments and practice speaking about Reiki with non-practitioners. You will undergo a 21 Day Ritual of the cleansing of the psychic bodies and create your own Reiki manual based on personal experience.

You can also learn additionally in (extra classes)  to pass the knowledge of various Spiritual  Energy healing techniques, Siddha healing teaching and practices, advanced Crystal healing,  Tibetian sound bowl healing, Ayurvedic personal counselling, additional Spiritual Healing Teachings, 

Note: This extra advanced spiritual teaching will not be part of the Reiki Master Teacher Training in RMTT  Program:


The Reiki Advanced/Masters course covers the following:

  • Combination of profound theory and practices to be a holistic therapist
  • Medicine Buddha & Usui Reiki Master attunement
  • The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master 
  • Self Empowerment: soul world and higher dimensions
  • Understanding and using the Master Symbol
  • Two Attunement Master Symbols
  • Get attunement to attune Reiki I & II level
  • Advanced Reiki meditation 
  • What are chakras, auras, and Kundalini
  • Advanced Crystal/colour and sound healing with Reiki
  • Advanced healing techniques    
  • Mass distance healing with master grid
  • Advanced chakra scanning and dowsing,
  • Chakra Balancing with Reiki/dowsing
  • Reiki psychic surgery
  • The Healing attunement for soul healing      
  • Guidelines for running a Reiki Practice
  • Teaching Guidelines
  • Individual human consciousness, body’s desire, purpose to incarnation, karmic baggage
  • Chakra awareness: introduction of major, minor and micro chakras, collective functions of the chakras
  • Guided meditations
  • The Violet Breath
  • The Hui Yin
  • Strong support network of fellow students?

The 21-days RTTC Training will also expose you to advanced aura cleansing techniques, the uses of crystals and colours, chakra scanning and dowsing, various meditations (heart opening, chakra empowerment, guided elemental) as well as the Buddhist origins of Reiki and the principles of the Dharma.


The course will be conducted 5 days a week (Monday to Friday), with Saturday reserved for private and group discussion.

Teaching by Reiki Master and Teacher Ushaji and team (including guest teachers).

Reiki for all levels, meditation, empowerment courses, and holistic healing.

Contact us for further information and registration at

buddhahall@gmail.com or call: +91 (0)9816376560



(*Conditions apply:  Accommodation is provided only on the basis of availability. Food and lodging are not included in the course fee. Availability of rooms can be confirmed with us 15 days’ prior arrival. Accommodation can also be arranged by us within walking distance of our center at a nominal charge upon request



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"  I am eternally grateful for Buddha Hall and Usha. Usha's presence is overwhelmingly calming and she teaches with such grace, sincere dedication,  "

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