Buddha Hall provides a warm and friendly environment where people interested in yoga and healing arts can meet, network and enjoy spending time together. Buddha Hall's major activities include:


"A divine link between one’s spiritual conscience and that of the supreme spiritual soul of the universe. A link which through compassion and light heals oneself and also helps that soul to heal others". Reiki is a universal Love and light. That is all. It’s where we begin to understand that true healing begins with ourselves. And healing ourselves begins with love. It’s where we begin to... Know more »

Karuna Reiki

Karuna is a Sanskrit word used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Zen and is translated as "Compassionate action", in other words, any action that is taken to diminish the sufferings of others. When individuals attain enlightenment they report that all things are known as One so it is natural to extend Compassionate Action (Karuna) to everyone without distinction because we are all One... Know more »

Chakra Healing & Balancing

A chakra is a center of organization that receives, assimilates and expresses life force energy. The word 'chakra' literally translates as 'wheel' or 'disk' and refers to a spinning sphere of bioenergetic energy branching forward from a subtle energy channel in the spine. The channel is made up of 3 parts: the Sushumna at the core of the spine the most important energy channel; and the... Know more »

Crystal Healing & Colour Therapy

The function of Crystals are to transform and amplify various types of energy into biological energy that rebalances and re-energizes our biological system on the cellular level, as well as on our emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The biological transfer of energy theory is based on the belief that the body is a series of synchronous, oscillating, solid and liquid crystal systems to which our crystal... Know more »

Yin Empowerment Program

This empowering workshop will help you find the truth about who you are, what you want and allow you to shine the spotlight on what is most important to you. This intimate workshop setting provides an opportunity for you to get to know other women as you focus on reconnecting with yourself. The workshop provides both in-depth exploration of your own life as well as sharing with and... Know more »


Hypnotherapy interacts directly with the inner consciousness to find core issue causes of problems in a person's life. You can examine beliefs and thought processes that give rise to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual problems and make changes at the core level from which the outer manifestation originates. With changes to the inner level of consciousness, the outer projection changes...
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Tarot Reading & Learning

Tarot is a deck of 78 picture cards that have been used for centuries to gain insight and reveal hidden truths. These cards appeared at roughly the same time as the now-universal 52-card deck though it is a matter of dispute which came first. In recent times interest in the Tarot has grown enormously as people have discovered, in the Tarot, a powerful tool for personal growth and insight. More and... Know more »


Yoga means "Union" in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India where yoga originated many thousands of years ago and used in the sense of union of mind, body and spirit. What is commonly referred to as "Yoga" can be more accurately described by the Sanskrit word 'Asana', which refers to the practice of physical postures or poses , though the system of Asanas is only one of the eight "limbs" or types... Know more »


The aim of Holistic Healing Meditation is to bring perfect health to all human beings and to make all those people, who are suffering due to ignorance and lack of information, aware of the positive benefits of Spiritual Science A complete cure from all incurable diseases like cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, asthma, arthritis etc... Know more »


For the last five years, Buddha Hall has gained a special reputation for organizing regular Indian Classical music concerts in which performances by musicians with national reputations have been held in various types of music such as instrumental and vocal. Buddha Hall holds classes on Indian Classical music, especially Flute, Guitar, Tabla, Shahnai, Sarod, Santoor and Sitar etc... Know more »


A therapy session with Usha is a personal and special experience because she works intuitively with her connection to her guides and the universal energy. With all her diverse knowledge, skills and experience she is able to create the perfect, natural and holistic balance of healing needed by the client. From crystals to Reiki to tarot she is able to find the root and heal outwards from there... Know more »


It's being said that a spiritual teacher is like a soul guardian before God. Dr.Usha is a name of such sort. She is among the recommended and the most influencial teachers of her kind She is a gifted natural healer; she quickly establishes understanding with her clients, students and audience, largely...Know more »


Healing Therapies
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"  I am eternally grateful for Buddha Hall and Usha. Usha's presence is overwhelmingly calming and she teaches with such grace, sincere dedication,  "

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